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W E L L N E S S   S E R V I C E S 


We offer a variety of services to every Guzzle guest!  

  • Come get your FAS FUEL Healthy Combo 5 days in a row & get your 6th day FREE! You'lL FEEL the difference...changes can be in energy, weight & cravings!!! 

  • You have the opportunity to have a Free Wellness Profile to get your body's composition & metabolic rate.  It's the best way to achieve optimal health & reach your goals!  


  • We offer full nutrition programs to support overall health & weight control - all include free 1:1 Coaching with a trained & experienced onsite Coach. 


  • We roll out Health Challenges every few weeks where you can join a private interactive group, be accountable & hit any goals with support while competing for cash & gift prizes!  


  • We host a variety of free active lifestyle events... Fitness, hiking, weight loss, meal prep, etc.  Our upbeat atmosphere takes our experiences to a new level of fun! 


Plus, there's so much more... Be sure to stay connected with us! Subscribe your email at the bottom of the page. 

Are you ready to get started now? We will send your next steps!

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