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W E L L N E S S   S E R V I C E S 


We offer a variety of services to every Guzzle visitor!  

  • Come get your FAS FUEL Healthy Combo 5 days in a row & get your 6th day FREE! You'lL FEEL the difference...changes can be in energy, weight & cravings!!! 

  • You have the opportunity to have a Free Wellness Profile to get your body's composition & metabolic rate.  It's the best way to achieve optimal health & reach your goals!  


  • We offer full nutrition programs to support overall health & weight control - all include free 1:1 Coaching with a trained & experienced onsite Coach. 


  • We roll out Health Challenges every few weeks where you can join a private interactive group, be accountable & hit any goals with support while competing for cash & gift prizes!  


  • We host a variety of free active lifestyle events... Fitness, hiking, weight loss, meal prep, etc.  Our upbeat atmosphere takes our experiences to a new level of fun! 


Plus, there's so much more...  Definitely, reach out to us for more information & submit your email at the bottom of the page to stay connected with us!